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TURKEY CLINIC GUIDE. Free clinic guide of Turkey, Hair Transplant Clinics, Plastic Surgery, Dent Clinics, Thermal Therapy, Diet Clinic, Eye Clinics in Istanbul and other cities Turkey contact us for any informations

Natural Hair

     Ankara / Çankaya
Nowadays, the most modern method to extract hair is pencil technique. The pen technique has been started by specialists for the last 2 years. Every center does not want to use this method. In general, specialized teams perform this planting process. The roots in the region with hair are taken as if they are in the fue method and injected carefully into the region where hair is absent by placing it on the end of the structure. This process provides the planting process without losing hair function. This operation is never an operation in the style of surgery. Even with the pen technique, it can not be cut into hair.

Med Hair Clinic

     İstanbul / Esenyurt
MedHair Clinic provides high quality and reliable healthcare services with the most advanced technology in the field of hair regrowth and hair treatment and its team specialized in the field. MedHair Clinic, Dermatology Specialist Ercan Erel and Hair Seeding Expert Vedat Tosun. Dr. Ercan Erel has established the MedHair Clinic to combine the experience of more than 20 years in the field of dermatology and hair transplantation with the highest technology to provide a better service to the illness, to bring the reliability and quality to the forefront. He has acquired some of his experience abroad. Dr. Long serving international patient profile. Ercan Erel offers many language options at MedHair Clinic. MedHair Clinic takes care to implement its operations in every region of Istanbul, especially in terms of patient satisfaction.

Acupuncture Pain Treatment

     İstanbul / Üsküdar
About me I was born on 23.01.1966 in Izmit. I graduated from Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Medicine 1990. Cumhuriyet University Medical Faculty anesthesia and reanimation I received my specialty in July 1997. As an anesthesiologist, epidural anesthesia and regional blocks anesthesia in interventional procedures and nerve in pain treatment I used the blocks.

Istanbul Tip Merkezi

     İstanbul / Şişli
Private Istanbul Medical Center, which focuses on patient satisfaction, was opened in 1998 with five main branches. Currently, Medical Labs and Radiology departments provide services in 16 branches 24 hours a day. Istanbul Medical Center, which provides health services in international standards, Depending on its expert staff, honest, reliable and scientific principles, it carries on with the belief that "Supreme service is the service of man".

Prof. Dr. Huseyin Nazlikul

     İstanbul / Şişli
Born in 1963 in the province of Pazarcık in Kahramanmaras, H. Nazlikul began his education with his world classics, which his grandmother read to him, and primary school continued in Germany from the second grade. In high school he met Erich Fromm and was awarded a scholarship by Erich Fromm. He completed his higher education at the Faculty of Medicine of Johann Goethe University of Wolfgang in Frankfurt am Main and Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University.

Dr Akupunktur

     İstanbul / Kadıköy
He was born in Istanbul in 1969. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Nazilli province of Aydın province. In 1992, he completed Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University. After completing his compulsory service and military service, he returned to Istanbul. Acupuncture Society Head Specialist. Dr. After 10 months of acupuncture training with Nuzhet Ziyal, he went to the People's Republic of China for 1 year to continue his education. He completed his specialist education in Acupuncture and Moxibation at Xinjiang Uyghur Medical College.


     İstanbul / Şişli
The ancient city Allianoi, located in Izmir Bergama, is one of the first health and aesthetic centers of the world. Even though he is under water now, he keeps his wisdom treasure deep in silence.

Maya Aesthetics

     İstanbul / Fatih
Maya Aesthetics was established in Çapa - Istanbul in 2004 with the aim of bringing medical aesthetic service in international standards.

Arena Med

     İstanbul / Kadıköy
Your Hair Clinic in Istanbul

Dora Hospital

     İstanbul / Şişli

Dent Okyanus Dent Clinic

     İstanbul / Kadıköy

Dr.Selin Postalci

     İstanbul / Beşiktaş
Pediatric Dentist Specialist Selin Postalcı completed his middle and high school education in İzmir Private Turkish College and his university education in Ege University Faculty of Dentistry. After that, he received his doctorate degree from Gazi University Dentistry Faculty Pedodontics Department between 2002-2007.

Cosmodent Dent Clinic

     İstanbul / Şişli

Gençer Dent Clinic

     İstanbul / Başakşehir
As Gencer Dental, whose face is always renewed and whose strength is rooted in its past, continues its dental health services that we started in 1986, we are always taking pioneering steps in our field.

Clinic 34 Istanbul

     İstanbul / Fatih
Klinik34 was established in 2007 on Historical part of Istanbul where the tourists and touristic place located.

Simetri Dent Clinic

     İstanbul / Maltepe
Founded in 2010, our symmetry oral and dental health clinic is available in all branches of specialization.

Dentelite Dent Clinic

     İstanbul / Kadıköy
Dentelite was established in 1995 and has been in business at the same address ever since.

Dentaxim Dent Clinic

     İstanbul / Beyoğlu

Esnan Mouth and Dental Health Center

     İstanbul / Beylikdüzü
Esnan Oral and Dental Health Centers opened its first branch in Istanbul 2007 Sultangazi, second branch in 2009 Esenler and third branch in Beylikdüzü in 2012. Customer satisfaction is our first target in our centers which follow the developing technology closely.


     İstanbul / Ümraniye
We have been serving in the area of ​​oral and dental health since 1996 in East Ataşehir Center, the developing center of the Anatolian side. Pedodontics, orthodontics and endodontics as well as general dental treatments, as well as specialist treatments, branch specialist doctors are applied.