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Bati Goz Eye Clinic

     İstanbul / Üsküdar
Technology trends The latest diagnosis and therapy treatment options are offered in all our centers and hospitals, and continuous investment is planned to ensure we continue to follow the highest standards possible in line with key industry players in the eye care industry

Natural Hair

     Ankara / Çankaya
Nowadays, the most modern method to extract hair is pencil technique. The pen technique has been started by specialists for the last 2 years. Every center does not want to use this method. In general, specialized teams perform this planting process. The roots in the region with hair are taken as if they are in the fue method and injected carefully into the region where hair is absent by placing it on the end of the structure. This process provides the planting process without losing hair function. This operation is never an operation in the style of surgery. Even with the pen technique, it can not be cut into hair.


     İzmir / Konak
Health tourism in the world and our country has been a rapidly rising trend in recent years and has become a very important alternative tourism type. Health tourism is defined as any treatment from one country to another for any reason (length of waiting period, economics of treatment or better quality of health care etc.). While all kinds of tourism that offer healthy life need to accept health tourism, health tourism is evaluated in 3 main titles. 1. Medical tourism (treatment and operations in hospitals or clinics, etc.) 2. Thermal Tourism (rehabilitation and rest etc. services in Thermal Facilities) 3. Elderly and Disabled Tourist (Long-term accommodation with social activities in geriatric treatment center or pedestrian zone)