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TURKEY CLINIC GUIDE. Free clinic guide of Turkey, Hair Transplant Clinics, Plastic Surgery, Dent Clinics, Thermal Therapy, Diet Clinic, Eye Clinics in Istanbul and other cities Turkey contact us for any informations

Mutlu Dişler

     İstanbul / Şişli

Denttek Agız ve Dis Saglıgı poliklinigi

     İstanbul / Esenyurt
Agız, Dis ve cene Cerrahı Osman Ertug ERCAL, Estetik Dis Hekimi Mehmet TAS, Estetik Dis Hekimi Fatih KIVRAK tarafından 2012 yılında kurulan Dent-Tek agız ve dis saglıgı poliklinigi 2014 yılında 2. Subesini acarak, bünyesine yeni uzmanlar katıp kurumsallaşarak ve '' gülüslerinizin saygınlık simgesi'' olması ilkesiyle yola cıkarak Zayıf hizmet, zayıf gülümsemeler, zayıf standartlar, zayıf tokalasmalar, zayıf iliskilerden hergün kendimizi uzak tutuyoruz. Sıradanlıktan sıyrılıp simdilik 2 subemiz ile hizmetinizdeyiz.

Elit Hair Transplant

     İstanbul / Esenyurt
Rest assured you will be in good hands If you decide to do your hair transplant with us. you benefit from. Satisfied customers from all around the world have already benefited Elithairtransplant more than 10 years of experience in the hair surgery field, why shouldn’t you? A perfectly equipped clinic is fundamental for performing a surgical intervention. The Istinye Üniversitesi Hastanesi clinic locate in Istanbul is one of the most prestigious clinics in Europe and fulfils those standards thanks to its JCI certification. Preliminary examinations, the hair transplant and the aftercare, will take place in the clinic and are a part of the package you booked. Do not hesitate longer and contact us to learn more about how you can finally get your hair back

avrupa saç ekim

     İstanbul / Esenyurt
Selant Sağlık Hizmetleri uzun yıllara dayanan tecrübesiyle ve uzman kadrosuyla uluslararası sağlık turizminde yenilikler meydana getirmek için yola çıkmıştır. Önceliğimiz misafirlerimizin sağlığı ve memnuniyetidir. En iyi hizmeti en uygun maliyetlerle verebilmek için seçkin sağlık tesisleriyle, alanında uzman hekimlerle çalışmaktayız. Dünyanın dört bir yanından ağırladığımız binlerce misafirimizin referansları, verdiğimiz hizmetleri daha iyi hâle getirmek için bize güç vermektedir.


     İstanbul / Fatih
All what you need to know about us! Vatanmed center started working since 2007 in Turkey and providing many services such as: hair transplantation for head, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes; and aesthetics. Vatanmed center provides its services for foreigns and our expatriate citizens, and contributing in The Turkish Economy Development by increasing the share of Turkey from the foreign currencies by obtaining our customers’ trust.


     İstanbul / Şişli
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a kind of medical, proven and scientific treatment method based on 100% pure oxygen inhalation in a completely closed pressure chamber.

Bati Goz Eye Clinic

     İstanbul / Üsküdar
Technology trends The latest diagnosis and therapy treatment options are offered in all our centers and hospitals, and continuous investment is planned to ensure we continue to follow the highest standards possible in line with key industry players in the eye care industry

City Dent

     İstanbul / Şişli
Established in 2006, Citydent dental centre provides dental services for its patients with a team of 12 dentists in 550 m2 dental center. Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul is in the city centre, Taksim Istanbul Our team carries out all sorts of dental treatments regarding implant and denture application as well as mouth and dental health. For further information about Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul, please visit our dental treatment pages. Our center is so close to Taksim Gezi Park, just near Divan Hotel Taksim. Please visit information page for detailed contact info.

Klinik Istanbul dental clinic

     İstanbul / Şişli
As a Clinic Istanbul Oral and Dental Health Policlinic in our center in Istanbul Mecidiyekoy, we work to provide you with the highest quality services.

Ata dental clinic

     İstanbul / Ataşehir
Since 2003, Ata Dental Clinic has been serving in all branches of dentistry with specialist dentists in Ataşehir. Our clinic has the latest technological equipments and equipment and we are certified and our standards have been certified with ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 2008.

Periodent dental clinic

     İstanbul / Fatih
Periodent dental clinic was established in 2015 by two periodontologists dentists. Our clinic is settled in Fatih, one of the historical and historical districts of Istanbul. We provide professional services in all dentistry branches with specialist doctors.

Emident Clinic

     İstanbul / Şişli
The Emident Dentistry Clinic, which is composed of dentists since 2000, offers the best services to the patients in advanced surgery, implant, aesthetic, laser applications and orthodontic treatments under the management of specialist doctors. In all branches of dentistry, specialist doctors, technical team and latest technological equipment, all interventions can be done instantly.

Naturdent Dental Clinic

     İstanbul / Şişli
The comfort and satisfaction of our patients as a clinic that has been serving for many years in the field of health is one of the things we are primarily concerned with.

DenTTiz dental clinic

     İstanbul / Ataşehir
Dt. Deniz Duraklıoğlu Professional interests: Implant and implant prostheses Shot of 20-year-old teeth Cyst operations Aesthetic composite veneer Veneer fillings Laminate veneer Zircomy and full aesthetic structures Teeth whitening

Akca Dent Clinic

     İstanbul / Şişli
Dr. Taylan Akça is the founder of Akça Dentistry. Born in 1980, he graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2004. He later specialised on Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Başkent University Faculty of Dentistry.

Ikiyaka dental clinic

     İstanbul / Şişli
Ikiyaka Dental Policlinic; Ali İzar graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Istanbul University in 1982. Celal Korkut Yıldırım graduated from the Istanbul University Dentistry Faculty in 1980 and Tatyos Bebek graduated from the Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 1976. On July 29, .

Tema Dent Clinic

     İstanbul / Küçükçekmece
Leave a better impression on your surroundings with an aesthetic smile. At TEMADENT we use cutting-edge technology and methods to have a natural, aesthetic and attractive smile. We redesign your smile aesthetically with computer aided software. Laser tooth whitening (bleaching), aesthetic dental fillings, lamine coatings are made in our clinic.

Perident Clinic

     İstanbul / Ataşehir
We established Perident Clinic as a 25 years experience and experience of the past. We, as the "patients" who lived and experienced almost all the negative aspects of the dentist, know the power of empathy in the treatment of our patients who come to the clinic. We tell our work about what we do, inform about the treatment stages, and move away from the "patient profile" who is trying to "guess" what will happen to the arm by lifting the fear of "unknown". In short, it is our most important goal to revive the fear of "dentists" in our clinics.

Estecenter Plastic

     İstanbul / Şişli
Rhinoplasty provides rhinoplasty operation in the medical language and the physical appearance that the patient desires. During the rhinoplasty operation, a new nose with an aesthetic appearance is formed at the same time as the problem of breathing originating from the physiological structure of the nose is corrected. When the new nose shape to be formed is determined, it should be taken care that it will conform to the face structure and look natural next to the desired nose.

Radixdent Dent Clinic

     İstanbul / Kartal
Our center is serving in every branch of oral and dental health with its young dynamic, experienced and expert staff. Besides its institutional infrastructure, it has completed its technical structure which can provide perfect service to its patients with the latest technology, medical equipment, physical conditions and modern equipment. Our Center; it is sufficient to be able to easily serve world class standards, treatment procedures, operating theater equipped with modern devices, and patient groups such as children, elderly, disabled, and so on. In addition, the sedation unit for patient groups with dental phobia (dental phobia) provides comfort and comfort in treatment. Radixdent aims to provide services in institutional standards in dental medicine treatments, with professional administrative and medical human resources aiming at domestic and international patient satisfaction and treatment success. It aims to disseminate its experience and knowledge to chain clinics and to change dental medicine perception. You can visit our gallery or contact us for more information about our center. Our professional and experienced team will keep you informed about all aspects of dental health.