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TURKEY CLINIC GUIDE. Free clinic guide of Turkey, Hair Transplant Clinics, Plastic Surgery, Dent Clinics, Thermal Therapy, Diet Clinic, Eye Clinics in Istanbul and other cities Turkey contact us for any informations


     İstanbul / Bahçelievler
Teeth whitening is a cosmetic solution in which colored organic and inorganic materials formed in the enamel surface of the teeth are removed with tooth whitening gels. The process of elimination is the application of a specially prepared gel onto the teeth, accelerating the reaction with a light source or laser. The mechanism of the bleaching process is an oxidation-reduction reaction. The substances used are oxygen-enriched. The substances that cause coloring in the teeth are replaced by colorless substances and whitening occurs.


     İstanbul / Pendik
About Pendent PENDENT ORAL AND DENTAL CLINICAL POLICY It was founded in 1993 by Dr.Bülent KULA and Dr.Müyesser KULA. By enlarging the current staff, it continues to provide high quality service in 8 units capacity.

Dental Group

     İstanbul / Bahçelievler
DentalGroup, a 26-year experience in the health sector, Dt. The result of the initiatives of Cengiz Bahçevan was established on 1 January 2008. DentalGroup, which provides services in the field of oral diagnosis, periodontology, orthodontics, pedodontics, endodontics, prosthesis, jaw surgery, implantology and radiology services, serves with the expert medical staff who regard patient satisfaction as the primary goal and equipment with advanced technology. DentalGroup aims to establish a service chain in the oral and dental health field with other new clinics planned to open in Istanbul in the coming years. DentalGroup serves for 6 days with professional management and expert staff.


     İstanbul / Gaziosmanpaşa
To keep your teeth healthy, bright and white, there are daily care routes such as brushing and using dental floss. If you are missing a little sparkle in your smile or feel like you used to be yellower than before, you are not desperate. In our hospital where we provide tooth whitening service, tooth whitening treatment is performed for up to 20 tons of teeth permanently with laser and superficial touches (within your teeth). You can get detailed information from our patient consultants. Meltem Cosmetic Dentistry department's research revealed that white teeth were the thing people wanted the most about smile. In the Turkish Orthodontic Society, about 90% of patients have actually been trying to get information to solve problems related to tooth whitening.

Denta World

     İstanbul / Bakırköy
Today, clinical procedures for bleaching teeth have become very common. However, the products used in these operations contain substances that cause permanent damage to the teeth. It is not necessary to use these substances to whiten your teeth. It is also possible to have white teeth using natural products.

Alfa Dental Clinic

     İstanbul / Eyüp
After 15 years of professional and technical experience, the official opening of June 1, 2013 te. Assoc. Dr. ALFA Oral and Dental Health Center (ADC ALPHA AND DENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ANONIM SIRKET), attended by Hüseyin ÇELİK; Medical and architectural infrastructure with international standards and accreditation rules (Joint Commission International) appropriately built the first private oral and dental health center which ADC to foreign patients in this area of ​​health tourism practices in line with its vision to become Turkey's leading health center in quality and high standard service and unconditional patient satisfaction. Health tourism is one of our important goals to bring foreign exchange to my country.


     İstanbul / Şişli
First of all this is a team work, so an experienced team is very important. The people who make hairplants are very expert in this matter and have been doing this for many years. Hair preparation techniques of each team may be different. For this reason, there is no standard in this country and our world. For this reason, the results obtained by each center can be very different from each other. The experience of the team emerges here. What is the result of what technique is done? He knows that very well.

Hair Neva

     İstanbul / Şişli
DHI Hair Straightening (Direct Hair Implant) technique is the most important features of hair transplantation, stitching, traces, incision and hair can be easily entered between them can be done without shaving is done.

Esteday Clinic

     İstanbul / Ataşehir
Hair loss, today both men and women have health problems that are very common. It can be caused by genetically related hormonal effects, hormonal effects, sexually related diseases, aging and trauma. Because of the presence of 5 women, the ladies are experiencing hair loss due to postmenopausal hormonal cancer and related diseases.

Academic Plastic Surgery

     İstanbul / Üsküdar
The healthy hair follicles in the two ears and nape region are removed with the aid of a micro motor and transported to bald areas that are diluted or completely open after shedding. In the Fue method, hair grafts (roots) are taken from the donor donor area with the help of a micro-motor and transferred to the area where the hair is infrequent. Donor Each root removed from the donor site contains 2 or 3 hair cells. How many grafts each patient needs will be decided before the doctor's surgery.


     İstanbul / Ataşehir
During his secondary education, he was interested in fine arts and painting. İbrahim Aşkar was born in 1967 in Denizli / Tavas. Between 1984-1992 he successfully completed the English Faculty of Medicine at Hacettepe University and became a medical practitioner. In the same year, between 1993-1998, he completed his specialist training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. In 1993 he won Japanese Mombusho scholarship. After completing his specialty training in May 1998, he founded the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of Dicle University. He was the Assistant Professor and the Chair of the Department. He has been working as a consultant editor in "Microsurgery" magazine, a scientific journal published in USA since 2003. In 2004, he was Associate Professor. İbrahim Aşkar left his position in 2007 and started to work as a freelance doctor in Istanbul. In 2007, he worked as a consul in the Sema Hospital Plastic and Reconstructive Clinic. He has done thousands of successful operations in all areas of aesthetic and plastic surgery and has published forty studies on scientific research and experimental work abroad. İbrahim Aşkar founded Femme Plast aesthetic center in 2007.

Med Plus Hair Clinic

     İstanbul / Bakırköy
Since 2006, Medplus Hair Clinic is a hair transplant center that works with proven experts with international references. Our experts make professional hair plantations and use FUE technology, the latest hair transplant technology.

Full Hair Clinic

     İstanbul / Şişli
Established in the region of Esenler, our institution which has adopted the principle of "Quality in Health" principle. Full Hair Clinic, one of Esenler's most established establishments, aims to be a modern health facility with world standards that is renowned for its excellence, patient satisfaction, a good and accurate working team, and practices in all medical services. We are equipped with modern medical devices; 365 days a year, 24 hours service with expert staff. Our organization, Full Hair Clinic aims to reach its goals in accordance with its mission and vision with follow-up work which accepts employees as stakeholders. It respects and exercises the legal rights of all its employees. It offers a work environment that respects human dignity and is based on mutual respect and love. He is equally and fair to all his employees in the knowledge of his responsibilities.


     İstanbul / Üsküdar
Our patients, who prefer us, present the most advanced technologies and methods in the aesthetic world and keep their needs at the forefront, realize the desired treatments in a smooth and desired manner and make our patients feel special,

Emp Hair

     İstanbul / Kadıköy
Emphair hair transplantation center performs operations in Ataşehir Acıbadem and Ankara Acıbadem Hospitals which have JCI accreditation. FUE Hair Transplantation, DHI Hair Transplantation, Painless Hair Transplantation, Beard Octopus, Eyebrow and Wound Trail Octopies are performed in our hospitals which serve in international standards.

Transmed Clinic

     İstanbul / Şişli
Founder of Transmed Medical Center Melike Külahçı has participated in more than 100 conferences worldwide, both as a speaker and as an administrator, writing medical articles that he liked and became one of the Turkish physicians who worked in the International Association of Hair Restoration Surgery.


     Ankara / Çankaya
In today's image age, the demand for dental aesthetic applications has increased with the influence of popular media-supported cultures. Aesthetic dentistry focuses on the smile and expresses the concept of different but complementary dental treatments such as laughing design, aesthetic fillings, porcelain lamina, composite bonding, zirconium coating, tooth whitening, pink aesthetic applications.


     İzmir / Konak
Health tourism in the world and our country has been a rapidly rising trend in recent years and has become a very important alternative tourism type. Health tourism is defined as any treatment from one country to another for any reason (length of waiting period, economics of treatment or better quality of health care etc.). While all kinds of tourism that offer healthy life need to accept health tourism, health tourism is evaluated in 3 main titles. 1. Medical tourism (treatment and operations in hospitals or clinics, etc.) 2. Thermal Tourism (rehabilitation and rest etc. services in Thermal Facilities) 3. Elderly and Disabled Tourist (Long-term accommodation with social activities in geriatric treatment center or pedestrian zone)

Clinicexpert International Health Care

     İstanbul / Fatih

Aandolu Johns Hopkins

     Kocaeli / Gebze
The happiness and safety of our patients is important for us. At Anadolu Medical Center, our priority is to guarantee that our patients get through the diagnosis and treatment process in the most peaceful and comfortable manner. In this sense, we build all our service policies from security to administration on the emotional tie that we establish with our patients. At the Patient-centered Care Department, established for the first time in Turkey at our hospital, we render services focused on patient satisfaction and placing the patient at the center of all service processes. With the patient centered approach, we aim to learn the common expectations of our patients and their relatives, and to meet such expectations by making appropriate arrangements at our hospital. In this context, we are always at your disposal with all our medical staff any time you need, thanks to our “patient-centered” service approach.